Transitions and a tour bus

It already has been a while that we had to say goodbye to friends and family in New Zealand!

Goodbye at the Auckland Airport

Jordan and Eli on their way to Germany and Haffi and his family on their way to Iceland!

Taavi and his family on their way to Finland a week later

Our Tourbus

Some of you maybe remember our adventures in 2019 with our tourbus in Europe.

Read more about the tour here

Important news on the bus

2019 in Kouvula, Finland

Under construction in 2022

“work in progress”

As many of you know, we have a bus. A Big one! A Volvo B10M with a Belgian Jonckheere body-work. We bought it a week before our first tour in Europe in 2019 and used it for the whole trip and then left it sitting at Taavi’s parents. ”What a joy” -they said. 

Anyway, we had just a week to sort out everything for the trip; pulling out 50-ish seats and quickly setting up a few beds and a makeshift kitchen didn’t leave much time to sort out any issues within the rest of the bus. 

The bus behaved pretty well for the time being and as a reward we just left her sitting there and went back to New-Zealand. Great. Taavi was planning to go back to Finland quite quickly, do some other music stuff and continue working on the bus a bit more too, but COVID and life happened and everything got cancelled or rescheduled and we had to leave the bus alone for a few long years. 

Now, if you understand anything about vehicles, you know that sitting still doesn’t do any good to them. In this case there are a lot of oxidized electrical contacts, -switches and such to go through, but the biggest problem is the front air-suspension that has given up. It was corroded already when we got the thing, but now the time has eaten it’s way through and everything has to be re-done. Taavi also found some other bits and bobs that were ”a bit worn out”. 

We’ve got the Pit-time scheduled for this coming Thursday-Friday, but we haven’t been sitting at idle while waiting either!

We’ve torn down all the makeshift beds and whistles, pulled out the walls and everything within and are now putting in new / more insulation and framing for the walls, ceiling and everything; remodelling the indoors to be more suitable for the future tasks of touring and hosting backpackers, hitch-hikers and whomever we get to meet and share a cup of coffee with! 

We’ve got the skills, the tools and a bit of time now, but the parts and supplies cost a lot of money! Now if you like our band/plans around the bus and would like to see us do more of it, please consider, whether you’d like to participate in some of the costs!

Feel free to pm us for more info!

If you like to donate, you can do so via paypal:

Taavi and his sons are working right now on the bus in Kausala, Finland.

Eli & Jordan are getting ready to move to Rovaniemi in Finland.

There they will meet up and build the new base of the band!


  1. Oh exciting guys! Bus life is fun. Enjoy the adventure and the opportunities to share Jesus. BIG blessings from the whole Collis family.

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