Meet the Band

Our Story

ColourCollide is a band formed in 2017 by two friends with the same vision.

Jordan and Eliane are the main composer and writer duo, while Taavi is the guy behind arrangments.

Though they come from different musical backgrounds, the five-piece band uses this to their advantage to write songs that reflect their stories and personalities with their own sound.

Despite often having an upbeat vibe to them, the songs talk about heavy topics like depression, abuse, struggling with life, but also hope beyond it all. ColourCollide wants to cause awareness and reach out to those who struggle.

Band Members

Jordan is the co-founder of ColourCollide. He sings, plays anything with keys and composes the arrangements and co-writes the songs.

Eliane is the co-founder of ColourCollide. She is the songwriter, singer, plays the ukulele and the cello.

Taavi plays the drums and helps with the arrangements of the songs.

Juhani goes a long way back with Taavi and became part of the team playing eguitar and refining the guitar parts for the songs

Eero moved from Helsinki to Rovaniemi and is setting up his studio here (Instagram: kraubersound). He has many talents and we are lucky to have him on bass!