Finland 2019

Our tour in Europe 2019 officially ended with last weekend’s gig’s! We look back very thankfully. Here are some highlights:


Besides the cleaning and recovering, we set up our gear at our drummers parents place in Kausala. Their place turned into a temporary base, while we practiced our songs for the next gig. Besides that, we met with several people to plan & organise our weekend gigs with our own stage.


For our busking sessions we went to the island Suomenlinna before Helsinki, the next day we went to the Karhupuisto Park in Helsinki and the following day we did a longer set in Loviisa next to a café. We mainly performed acoustic versions of our own songs and saw quiet some smiling faces. Even though Helsinki was not marked with many interactions, Loviisa had a few people staying and being excited about the songs. One guy in particular stayed until the end and wanted to hear what we are all about. Our drummer told him his story and how the tour came together.

Gig Weekend in Kovoula

Kovoula had an Art Night happening the last weekend. We wanted to be part of it and were in touch with a few people talking back and forth. After some changing plans, we not only got other bands to perform with us, but also the space granted in a school yard next to the main street and the school’s electricity for our gear!


After noon we set up our stage and the sounddesk + lights with some very lovely helpers. Our tourbus on the side as a hangout space and the truck with the gear on the other side, we set up in a few hours. During the evening we had a duo opening up. After them a local band was playing. Besides that Haydé and her husband were staying with their tourbus and performed the whole weekend as well. After her set we closed off as ColourCollide. It felt like a big busking session, since it was not a promoted event, people sort of stumbled over us or got drawn nearby from the music. Groups of people came and go within the set and Eli was talking about the meaning behind the songs clearly.



The next morning we started with a joint breakfast on the stage and spent a lot of time with the soundcheck, since we had not much time the night before. The evening Haydé and her husband Antto opened up with their new founded band called “Wisla”, followed by a DJ, after that Haydé played her great solo set and felt inspired to share more about the stories behind her songs as well, which was awesome! After her set we went on stage and performed our set. After the last songs, three guys stood behind and we showed them around in the bus. Until late in the night we packed down and drove to the big mall on the other side of Kovoula.


The next morning we set up our stage as a hangout “livingroom” area. A floorball tournament was happening infront of the mall and we were jamming and playing some music in that hangout area with coffee and water for people to enjoy. Some of the finnish guys had good conversations with a few people who came and refilled their waterbottles. Jordan and Eden even joined one of the floorball teams to help out. After that we packed down and hung out at one of our friends houses until we said our goodbyes.


Thank you Finland! Kiitos!

We are back in Germany now and recover from the full on weeks.

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