Spring brings new blooming

As we entered the new year, some of us switched jobs, others got sick, but no matter what, we started to work on some new things

Practice-Room recordings

In February we met up with Sofia (Instagram: sofia._.aragao), who is currently studying in Rovaniemi. She is a photographer from England and agreed to shoot and video one of our songs with us. It was her first time working with us and our first time to record and play in such a setting. We got Markus to mix the sound in the next room, while Sofia got a helping hand in Eveliina who is a friend and a hobby photographer. Eero provided the light and recording gear and the boys used a good part of two days for setting everything up. There was a bunch of us in the team and some friends and family joined us for lunch and dinner during the day, so it almost felt like a big party on the recording day! Taavi was ski-instructing at Pyhä that week and had to drive hours to make it to the recording and back. We are currently editing the video and audio, but they are a bit on the back burner now, since something else is cooking up!

Vappu – South Finland gig!

The title is giving it away, but we are playing at the VappuGospel event in Kouvola on the 30.Apr and are currently shaping up for our first gig in Finland with Eero on the Bass and Juhani on the Guitar!
Check out the event here: more details on the Vappu event

We are also in conversation for another potential gig in the south on the same weekend, but we will keep you posted on that.

New Logo!

Sofia introduced us to the talented Lukas (Instagram: adomaslp_ ) who has been working on our new logo! Now it is ready to share with you all and I want to take the opportunity to talk about the inspiration for this new logo.

The flower in the lower C is the Echinacea flower. The petals point downwards as the bulb reaches for the sky. There is something so free and hopeful about it, and that is what we want our music to be as well! The Echinacea is used in medicine a lot and symbolises strength and well-being. As The Ultimate Guide To The Echinacea puts it:

“Thanks to their many medicinal uses, Echinacea or Coneflowers are associated with health, strength, and healing. When given as a gift, a Coneflower says “I hope you feel better.” Echinacea is the perfect choice of bloom for a get-well floral gift, to brighten up someone’s day when they’re on the mend, or to celebrate strength.”
Source: Meaning behind the echinacea flower

Have a look at the new logo:

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