Festival One 2019

We are looking back on a crazy weekend. Festival One was happening from Friday to Monday, but we already arrived on Thursday to set up our tents, since our first performance was happening at 3pm on Friday and our second performance was happening on Sunday Afternoon


We were very surprised about the overwhelmingly positive response we received on both days. For the musical aspect: We kept praying for Freedom on stage and a new sound. Both kept being pointed out by the Stage manager and the people who came and watched us! That created an excitement and openness about our music to be able to sit down with quiet a lot of people throughout the weekend!


Sharing Hope

Besides the music, Eli was able to use her paintings in a different way. She cut out postcards and wrote parts of the songs they performed on the back. She was able to hand out five of them and encourage the ones on the receiving end. Every little piece was meant to point back to our Creater and bring hope!

Step aside and let God do his work

What we didn’t know then was, that we were actually a favorite to be picked as one out of the newcomer acts to open up for the main act on Sunday Evening at the main stage. But for whatever reason they couldn’t reach us beforehand so we went to the planned Gig on the Newcomer stage, with Annalise Penhey to do one of her spoken word poetries in our set. She had tried to talk to Levi the Poet, but he kept being surrounded by several people. As she than was about to perform, Levi the Poet walked by to check out our Performance and saw her performing as well. He than was not only amazed by her talent, but also encouraged her a lot afterwards. All of that would have not had happened, if we would have received the news in time (and not afterwards)!


During the weekend Eli had the freedom to share parts of her story to three of their songs.

One of the songs circles around identity – how in the past a family member couldn’t deal with here fading beauty and age (her whole identity was based on her beauty) and how toxic family curses can be, they need to be cut. Our identity is in Christ which goes beyond age and death.

Where to follow?

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