Grief & loss

Times of grief

Last week we received some shocking news. One of Jordan and Eli’s close friends here in NZ commited suicide after a long battle with physical pain and mental health. He was a unique friend, supporting our vision from day one, as we met. He was seriously considering about joining us for this upcoming tour and it breaks our heart, that his life took an abrupt end. We knew of his struggle and spent hours on the phone, crying together but also laughing together. There are no regrets, since we were able to tell him how much he was loved. But it still hits hard and we miss him dearly.
The funeral took place in Hamilton, only a small group of close friends and relatives gathered and Jordan and Eli had the honour to be part of this.

New Zealand has the highest suicide rate in the modern western world – those facts are clear to everyone here and it is shocking. All of a sudden it becomes bitter reality in our own lifes which is hard to process. But we are eager to speak up about suicide!
If you struggle, don’t hesitate to open up and seek out for help, there is always hope!
need help?

Preparing for the tour and plans

Finally the tour is coming pretty close now. Some details are still unclear, but here is the plan:

We’ll play at the Slot Art Festival in Poland. Besides that Eli is in conversation with Slot to do her teachings.

After that we will go to the Homeward Festival in Germany

The plan after this Festival is to go to Finnland for busking, serving free coffee and more gigs. All of this is still in the making. This part ends with us playing at the finnish Art Night at the 09.08.19!

Updated Europe Tour


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