Final preperations for the tour

Our last weeks were filled with writing songs, practicing, work and last preperations for the tour. Here are some highlights:


Eli & Jordan’s song challenge is over! It has been a stretch to release a song each monday evening for 7 weeks! It has been inspiring, because it was fun to find different approaches, connect ideas, use different instruments and play around. It was difficult to release a song after a few days of work on it, but that also opened our eyes that the aim for perfection is good but sometimes hinders to get the music “out there”, just because it never feels ready to finish fine tuning and working on it. But the deadlines helped to grow throughout the weeks. Jordan being struck down with high fever and the flu, and other things swinging at us unplaned, still didn’t hinder us to release seven songs in seven weeks. All the songs are up at Bandcamp to purchase. Some of those songs will be performed live, and mainly it shows a journey through the weeks and different topics we had to process. This is one way to support us as a band and to cover our expanses + to listen to our songs offline!



It has been a big ask for a tourbus and until last week, we were waiting and didn’t know when or how things would come together. While we were packing our bags we received lovely pictures of this beauty:

Currently, Taavi is working in Finland on transforming this bus into our accomodation and transportation for the next five weeks! So far we only know that he picked it up last Saturday and is working on it now.

We are excited to start!


  1. Great stuff Jordan and Eli; looking at the temperatures you will be enjoying super hot weather; the bus looks great well done Taavi; hope it get competed etc in time”; must be great being home Eli; hope you both have a great few weeks leading up to the tours etc.

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