Slot Art Festival

Our new home

It is fascinating how quick a bus can turn into a home. We arrived in Poland, cleaned the several areas and made our beds, while Taavi was setting up the kitchen cooking area.

It has served us already so well! There hasn’t been a day without people stopping by, having a coffee and just hanging out. We got to know some great people and will see some of them again at the next festival which is exciting!

Jamming and our Gig

Besides hosting people at the bus and Eli teaching some workshops, we had practice sessions to prepare for our gig on saturday. It turns out that practicing next to the bus turned into an unspoken invitation for other musicians to join or sit down and have a listen. This lead to further connections with our neighbors and for Jordan to join another group of jamming musicians during the festival. Lastly, our gig was about to happen. The rain drew a lot of people close and we even got some extra time, since we were the last performing band on this stage. The response was overwhelming! Over 300 people stayed, engaged and were listening to the message! At the end of the concert I had some awesome conversations about the critical topic of depression and suicide.

It was a great time, Slot Art was good to us!

Finishing up the festival we got bless a few people, which had kept coming back to the bus. And on that note we left the area and made our way to the next festival in Germany which is about to start on Thursday!

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