Updates on the Tour

First of all, we had some great fun playing on the Sunday sounds good gig last Sunday. This was the last gig of a series of different artists during four sundays in a row. We had some great fun, good weather and got to talk to a few people.

We also got booked for another gig at CYC, where we helped out with another kids camp last week:

Open Day

This is the second time to help out at an Open Day of CYC, first time was two years ago and one of our first gigs, which is a bit of Nostalgia for Jordan & Eli..We will perform at 1pm for a 30min set, come by if you are around!

Another gig that will finish off the Daydream tour is an acoustic gig at the little big market at the 1st of February, with Kara Lockwood opening up for us! This is part of her tour through NZ. She is Canadian who lives in Wellington right now. Come and join us for some chill tunes!


And just a little reminder for those other gigs between the Open Day and the little big Market:


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