What a strange time! The Stage 4 Lockdown due to the virus has officially reached New Zealand. Today is Day 1.

We were working on many gigs for April.

The Bouquet of sounds at the Hop House with Lhasa.

boquet of sounds

Two gigs at the little big markets at the Mount.

A week of Kids Camp in Ngaruawahia.

A Journey through song at the Mount Baptist.

Journey in song is all cancelled or on hold. The government talks about four weeks, but no one knows for sure how long it takes. The Journey through song, was supposed to be a fundraiser for our Europe tour. Many Festivals cancelled all together or are unsure if they are happening at all. Jordan and Eli booked a flight to Germany to see Eli’s parents before the Tour would have started at the 16.06 – it’s all up in the air. Many artists are doing live gigs online. We are not equipped with good gear and our band is under lock down in different households. We try figuring out what to do. In the mean time we work on fine tuning and practicing originals + Jordan and Eli are working on project songs to put online during the lockdown. Let’s see what comes out of this.

Even though all the cancellations are sad, we are kind of excited what comes out of this season of writing and working on songs!

Stay safe everyone!

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