Spring update

Here is finally our spring update

Much has happened! Below are the last months in review

Jordan’s set up

There is a little guest room that Jordan and Eli use as a music room – as long as no guests are staying in it. Jordan has spent time, getting to know his vox and is working on his sound.

Eli’s health

It hasn’t been mentioned much here, but Eli’s health hasn’t been the greatest. She suffered from unknown lower abdominal pain for the last months. Just recently IBS got confirmed and with a strict diet, she is back into songwriting, music and teaching vocal lessons.

Being bedridden for weeks, is quite some character building and there was heaps to discover, all of this flows back into her writing and thinking process.

The little big market

On the 26th of September we took part in the little big Market at the Mount/Coronation Park. Even though there was a mix up with another band, we still got to share our set and some stories and it turned out to be sweet weather and heaps of people gathered!

Intense week of groove practice

We helped out at a kids camp and took the opportunity to take old songs and have a closer look, looping parts, practicing the groove. Counting out loud – for hours! It was intense but needed!

Review of our last Gig

We got together a crew at the beginning of this month. Time was not on our side. With delay and construction work going on, this event turned out to be a quiet night. Thanks for everyone who decided to come though! The set opened with Regi Medina and was followed by Joseph Walsh. We finished up early which was a good decision, since there was an emergency happening outside and our bassist was able to help out and call an ambulance, make sure that the dude would stay awake.

What are we up to now?

We are back on some songs that are unfinished. We figured out that we work best, recording demos and fine tuning parts through garage band before we look at it during our band rehearsals.

Sometimes things take a good amount of time and the days just go by, but we know that creative arts need time to dwell until it all comes together.

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