Our trip to Palmy

Out of the blue, we got a band invite to play at the Light Party in Palmerston North, just a few weeks prior to the event.

Both of our bass players couldn’t make it, so we invited an old friend we played with two years ago: Eron! This guy learned 11 original songs from scratch within two weeks. He was joining rehearsals with Eden and Okko, an intense short time to get prepared.

On our way there, the location got switched to indoors due to a storm brewing. We took off, Taavi on his motorbike, Eron with his car and Eli & Jordan in a borrowed van with the gear and a cheeky roadtrip they prepared for. We met up in Palmy, everyone in time and saw how the location transformed into a big family event!

After our soundcheck, we caught up with some people, sorted out accomodation and prepared backstage. We were the secomd out of four acts through the night and we had a blast, here are some pictures of the event:

The event was quite a success with around 1500 people coming through! We had some really cool conversations backstage happening after our performance and stayed over night.

The day after, Eron took off towards home, while Jordan, Eli and Taavi joined forces for a mini roadtrip. We explored the forgotten world highway and reflected on our performance, which turned into a little writing session. New songs to come!

Unfortunately, not everything went smooth. A few days later Jordan and Eli said their goodbyes and took off, while Taavi was still chatting with someone at the campground. By the time he left, he wasn’t that lucky. On a gravel road a van came around the corner on his side, collided full on with the bike, which was sliding underneath the van. He got brought to the hamilton hospital and it turns out his left ankle was broken and his shoulder and right knee got bruised. They kept him over night and released him with a cast, now he is on the way of recovery. The bike is done for, but he is fine otherwise!

Due to Taavis accident our last gig at the Hop House turned into a semi acoustic performance.

Mooki & Eli on the 7th Nov

Our latest gig at Hop House turned into a semi acoustic performance at the front with keys and Ukulele and effects of most of our songs. A group of friends came along and sang along, which was sweet. Even with rugby on, a few people showed up – not a full house, but cool support!

Now, due to Taavi’s foot, we have to postpone going to the recording studio. It throws us off a bit, but we are hopeful that it will be soon and we’ll go to the studio better prepared and fully recovered! In the mean time Jordan and Eli are started to write new songs, to share them in summer.

We’ll keep you posted!

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