New things in April


April Update

We know, we know, it’s a late update, but anyway… here we go…

On 24.4. we had a gig at the HopHouse again. Always fun to play there and this time there was even more Hops in da House as we did something a bit different. First of all, we had a new bass player, Haffi (or Jakob, if you want to be official) joining us for the gig! Another thing was that Haffi and Taavi had to be somewhere else for the first half of it, so Eli and Jordan were left to do the set-up and the first set just the two of them. Oh, and mr. Caleb, who was doing the sound for us on this one! The whole gig was kinda semi-acoustic and it was no biggie for us doing it that way. The boys joined the rest of the group on the break and the second set was another kind of a blast!

Now, this Haffi-guy is from Iceland and a mean as bassman! We found him playing in this small church and asked him to join us pretty much right away. Icelandic people obviously don’t have a word for “NO”, so there’s that. The guy learned the songs in a couple of hours and played them on the gig like an angel. Plus the other few songs we threw at him on the spot! How cool is that!

We had quite a nice crowd (in numbers and in behaviour!) with people dancing, singing along and really paying attention to what we had to say. We had a few nice conversations afterwards and really felt we were in the right place at the right time. 

After the HopHouse we’ve been going through more stuff with Haffi, making new music and working on some demos. Next gig is coming up before we know it (30.May, Lucky Finns, Hamilton) and we need to get our act together again before that.

A cool thing is that we recruited another guitar player and he might be joining us on the next gig. Marcelo Che is from Argentina and we found him packing kiwi-fruit in Te Puke. We´ve now had people from six different nationalities playing in ColourCollide, now isn’t that something?!? Not that we´re trying to set any records here or anything…

Che’s first practice on the guitar and Okko paying us a visit during the 4th of May practice

We´ll try to keep yous fellas updated a bit more often, ok?


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