Festival One 2021

At the last weekend of January we were part of Festival One, the second biggest Festival globally at this state of 2021!

We really don’t know, how blessed we are to be performing at a Festival during a global pandemic.

Music Box

We kicked the weekend off with a set on Friday afternoon, before the official opening at the Music Box.

Acoustic Stage

On Saturday we changed up the set on the acoustic stage with suitcase drums, accordion, Uke and acoustic guitar – which was pretty hot. Just like that stage, which was burning under all this summer heat! Loved the engagement of people watching & dancing!

Market Stage

On Sunday we got to perform on the market stage in the early evening. This is a favourite of ours. Especially, since it has an amphitheater-like grandstand, for listeners to watch the bands. Unique and always sweet!

It’s always nice to be part of the whole Festival! We brought our own sound guy Chris, and our dutch friend Daniel (who helped us roading our gear) with us. We teamed up with the family Kausalainen for camping and shared meals, like a big family. We even had a little jam/practice at the campground:

For this Festival we loved having Eron on the bass and Will on the guitars! First time in ColourCollide’s history we added another layer to our sound. Will was thrown into the deep end, having not only to learn new songs and get to know new team mates, but also arranging his parts during the couple weeks of prep before the Festival.

We are super grateful for those guys and look forward to future collabs!

Also, shout out to the best support of these guys:

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