It all went south

Time flies when you’re having fun, eh?

On that note, we’d like to apologize about the delay in sharing our news to you, our dear friends! It’s just been a bit hectic lately in our neck of the woods, you know…

At Colour Field Studios

You’ve probably already heard that we went into the studio, right? Well, anyway, we did! We began the process of recording our first EP by nailing a recording session of the single “Stand Still” (13th of August on Spotify) at Colour Field Studios here in Tauranga.

Tim Julian did an impressive job recording, mixing and mastering it all while bravely putting up with our bad humour and weird requests! Thanks Tim! You Rock! 

(PS. Brace yourself – we’re coming back for more sooner than you think!)

Going south for the weekend

We got in contact with Double Vision Brewing in Wellington about doing a gig down there “one of these days”. Well, we agreed on a date and “Lo and Behold”, we got booked on “End Of An Empire” – Metal festival for the same weekend in Upper Hutt! How cool is that?!?

Double Vision Brewing was cool as! Check out the place if you’re ever in the region (you can also order their stuff online. Look it up here)! They had just finished a day of brewing as we rocked in and were busy cleaning up the mess they’d made during the day. While waiting, we dropped by at the Op-shop next door and borrowed a big, sweet Persian rug to put on the floor underneath us for a stage (sweet deal! We hope they got it back the next day!) and then took our time setting up, sound-checking and just hanging out with the team… Sound guy Chris blasted in after his day in the office and we had a sweet reunion, what, since Festival1?!?

Full house, awesome gig, quite a few deep and meaningful conversations afterwards and a truckload of new friends! We even got an invitation to play at a wedding next year! SWEET!

End Of An Empire, OTOH, was another kind of an animal! Sooooo, we were asked to play at a metal festival. Like with real metal bands and all! And we did! We scraped together a setfull of our heavier stuff and went full steam ahead! Before our gig we heard comments about a girl playing an Ukulele and so on, but those guys were quiet after our gig! I mean, if you’ve ever seen Eli stomp the effects on and crank the volume up and then let that crazy growl outta her throat, you know what I’m talking about! And the message we shared made some of the big “Metaleros” in the front row cry like no tomorrow! Was cool to see some old friends and share life with the folks in the other bands too. This time Chris took care of the sound of the whole festival and not just us! What a bloke! (Sorry about the drums being too loud!)

Some exciting news coming up in the next update! Stay tuned and stay safe out there…

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