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It is now four months ago, that a random email appearded in Eli’s inbox that just sounded too good to be true, it seemed to be spam at first.

Let’s take it back even further. End of October last year we were heading out to perform at the Light Party in Palmerston North. We were just one act of a bunch that took the stage that day. We got to know some people back stage and briefly met Caleb Murphy – who was also one of the performers. Unknown to us, Caleb Murphy established a record label, called “Lost by design” in 2016 and in the following months he started thinking about reaching out to us. Check out the blog post from this gig below:

  • Coming to the end of winter

    Coming to the end of winter

    On 18.Aug we were happily preparing for an event happening in Kawerau later on that week, when the news hit the country: on midnight that very day the whole New-Zealand would go into a Level4 Lockdown! Coming out of some busy travelling and work, we were ready for the next wave of gigs happening the […]

    read more

Finally in April this year aforementioned email reached us. It was indeed a real offer with an earnest Caleb Murphy at the other end and we sat down together as a band, had a bit of a conversation and arranged a video call with him to discuss the further steps. We then very quickly, knew that we are on the same page and would love to work together from now on.

“What took you so long?” Some might ask. Well, part of the deal was to release our single first, before we could sign the contract and officially be signed to Lost by Design Records

So, thats exactly what we did! Read the blog post: It all went south about details of the recording of our single and some pic’s.
This all happened rather fast! In and out of the studio, but we took our sweet time sussing out the levels and asking for second opinions of the track. We just wanted it to be good, OK?

Our single was released on the 13th of August and we officially got signed to “Lost by Design” on the 16th of August!

Find us on their homepage

You can support us, by purchasing and downloading “Stand Still” here

And add it to your playlists on spotify

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