Goodbye to the kiwi heat

Our farewell gig in review.

We had a livestream up on Facebook:


We had an amazing performance one last time on the 30.Oct! Taavi’s home transformed into an Open Mic -style living room concert with a buffet set up and lots of space for the 70+ people that showed up to spill from the foyer, through the kitchen and lounge into the deck areas.It was a place of much laughter, dancing and some tears here and there. We were touched by the overwhelming support of old and new friends showing up, sharing food and enjoying some sweet music!

We had two spontaneous solo performances: the night got kickstarted by Mike on the guitar with some covers, followed by Ella on the guitar also doing some covers, but also a sweet original song she wrote not long before. Not to mention Taavi’s incredibly talented and clever stand-up comedy! Samuel + Micaela played a set, while their (awwww sooo cute!) 3 month old got taken care of by friends. They delivered some beautiful harmonies in their amazing originals of melancholy and sweetness. We had planned to do a joined gig with them since before the first Lockdown and are so happy that we managed to finally meet up and perform alongside one another.

We (ColourCollide) finished off the evening with a longer set, paired with stories about how things started for us as a band, but also some personal stories of hope in the struggle with mental health stuff and such. It was an open and very supportive atmosphere of people moving freely. In the end we had people dancing and partying so much, Eli’s microphone was shaking! One of the coolest crowd engagements in the band’s history! We had the whole thing live-streamed all over the world by our friend Leon, but I think we’d need to apologize the sound quality of it. Nobody knows why (our settings were all by the book!), but it was crap! Sorry! We’ll try to do it better next time! 

Some of those cool pictures are from @verbatimstudiosnz, go check him out on Instagram!

Last catch up.

Of course since then, we had to face a lot of “last times”. We had our last practice at Eli & Jordan’s flat (with a very relaxed flatmate, that never complained about gear occupying the lounge).

This last gig with James as our sound guy; he was also our first sound guy at the Open Mic’s Jordan and Eli first met Taavi. This gig kinda felt like one of our first Open Mic’s but was the last time of sharing and celebrating with these friends, atleast for a while! Just yesterday we had our last catch up with the ColourCollide crew. Everyone that had played with us this year was able to come and enjoy an awesome German BBQ, nonsense and a Nerf gun! 


We are currently trying to sell our music gear!

Please reach out to us, filling out the contact form below, if you are interested. We are closing the chapter of New Zealand and starting a fresh one in Finland. Please consider helping us in wrapping things up. Jordan and Eli’s flight is leaving 25.Nov, while Taavi and his family fly out a few days later.

We are very grateful for everything and are excited for the things ahead of us!


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