Big and bold step

Quick ColourCollide History 

ColourCollide has been based in Tauranga since September 2018. Jordan and Eli would travel out to play their new songs at the Open Mic’s hosted by Taavi & the house band. Taavi would jump on the drums for us and he kept inviting us to stay at his place in Bellevue after the shows. Each time we would keep talking for hours on end. Soon enough we figured out that we are all on the same page, so a bit later Jordan and Eli moved to Tauranga and the three of us formed ColourCollide’s core team.

Due to being invited to play at Festival One in 2019, we asked Eden from ”Delta” to join us. He was our first bass-player and would travel to Europe with us later on the same year.

Coming back from our Europe tour we slowly had Okko joining us for some kids camp stuff and eventually playing shows with us. We did a Mini Summer tour in January 2020 with him.

For this year’s Festival One we recruited Eron on the bass and for the first time William on the guitar. Will not only got to know the songs just three weeks prior, but also had to arrange his own guitar parts, that had not existed before.

After that summer Eron and Will said their goodbyes and soon enough we had a guy from Iceland appear on the Bass. Haffi played a few gigs in Tauranga, Hamilton and also in Wellington (with Joseph on the guitar).


The Big Step 

Coming back from our European Tour in 2019, we’ve had Finland on our minds. We spent the last three weeks of the tour up there. Now this was the first time ever for the rest of the band (Taavi being from there), but soon enough the idea of packing down our music and moving to Finland grew bigger and bigger. Then all of a sudden this Covid-stuff happened. With this those dreams and ideas where off the table all together. For the time being. Forward it two years, the idea and the dream to move to Finland started to come back alive again. Surely, you could say after 6 years of Taavi being in NZ and Eli living here since 4 years + the band being formed here, it might seem drastic to go now. We took a long time to think about it and we know now that it’s one of those things that require us just to be bold and go for it.

Last show

Soooooo, we are having one last gig with Haffi, Joseph and some other friends before we go, where it all begun, at Taavi’s place in Bellevue Tauranga. You can either join us online or come there in person. We’ll be sharing our songs and stories and hope to celebrate with you before we set sail to our next destination in a far away land of mämmi and reindeer.  


We started to sell our things and most of our gear will go online after the show. Keep an eye out for it, if you are interested. Taavi and his family will be leaving either end of November or early December, traveling to Finland, while Jordan and Eli will be travelling in the end of November to Eli’s friends and family in Germany first. They’ll move to Finland by February 2022. ColourCollide’s new base will be in Rovaniemi, Finland. We’ll be excited to grow musically and tour again with our bus through Europe and Russia. Covid restricts all of us, but doesn’t hinder us to dream big. It won’t be easy to say goodbye to NZ and we’re leaving heavy hearted! We hope to see you around and we are excited to play one last show! We don’t know when we’ll be back to NZ, but this will always be the place where everything started! 

See you around!

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