Hello Finland!

Good news, Jordan and Eli made it to Rovaniemi in one piece, just about a week ago and are still acclimatising themselves to snow, ice and a new culture all together!

News on the bus!

Taavi and Okko got the bus road legal & running! It’s insulation of the living quarters are almost done and they picked up some beds and kitchen gear, which all will be installed and finished closer to (european) spring. They had to wait out a snowstorm, before hitting the road, since it took a 12h drive to make it up here. They arrived two days ago!

At this point we want to thank everyone who thought of us and supported us in the process of moving here and getting the bus up and running!

Living arrangements and gear still has to be sorted out, but Taavi is already in conversation to set up a joined practice space with another band.

So stay tuned and follow us on this journey,

we are also on facebook and instagram:



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