New year, new things!

We hope everyone reading this, had a good start into 2021!

Hear are some updates of Dec/Jan for you:

What has happened?

Taavi’s cast came off and his foot is healing good, but still quite swollen. We couldn’t really come together and practice in December. Well, we had one practice – with him still wearing his cast and us realizing that it was a bit too much pain.

In December Jordan and Eli wrote on some new songs and one new song in particular, which Eli wrote for her sisters wedding made the cut into the bands repertoire and is called “Adventures”. Look out for it in gigs to come!

Recording the demo for the band of the song “Adventures”

We joined forces again in January, after Jordan and Eli moved, to practice at their place!

Eron, who joined us for the Palmy gig is back at it again in our preperations for Festival One!

After the first week in January, with multiple practice times, we were heading off to a kids camp at CYC Ngaruawahia. This time with Taavi, Jordan, Eli and Okko. After jamming with over a hundred kids in the mornings, we had “band camp” in our cabin each day. Going through details and pacing of our songs. Straight afterwards we drove back to Tauranga, preparing for our performance at the Jam Factory:

For now, it seems like this was the last gig with Okko Kausalainen on the bass, as he is heading for an internship in Raglan.

Okko on the bass, during soundcheck for the Jam Factory gig

We all dressed up fancy in black & white and told stories to the songs, as we do, but this time we took the audience on a journey of love and life. We usually wouldn’t share between every song, but it felt just right to do so this time. It was a smaller crowd, but the feedback was big, as many people were touched and we finished off the set with some dance numbers, having almost everyone on their feet dancing. We are grateful, cheers to everyone who came to support us!

little glimpse of “Just let me breathe”

As for now we work with an e-gituarist for the first time in ColourCollide history (!) to develop a fuller sound. He’ll have his debut at Festival One! Stay tuned!

practice corner

We are still raising funds for an EP, but we realised that we and the songs need more finetuning and Taavi’s foot needs to heal properly. So the recording studio time is put on ice for now, while we grow and work towards great music.

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