Coming to the end of winter

On 18.Aug we were happily preparing for an event happening in Kawerau later on that week, when the news hit the country: on midnight that very day the whole New-Zealand would go into a Level4 Lockdown!

Coming out of some busy travelling and work, we were ready for the next wave of gigs happening the following weeks. Yup, there were stuff like birthday parties and gigs at the Historic Village, Tauranga, (with some other bands) on the menu and all of it got consumed by a different kind of a wave; the Lockdown. Bummer!

Lockdown always seems to be an invitation to slow down and write new songs, so Jordan and Eli sat down, rolled up their sleeves and got working! We also took the chance to update our sheet-music and demo-material on the same go.

Meanwhile, Jordan got working on a different music project… Exciting! Watch this space for more information later on…

Right now we are at Level2 and some restrictions are still on, so unfortunately our gig at the Fringe Festival (well the whole festival!) in October is also falling flat. We were soooo looking forward to that! We try to use this time wisely, keep on polishing our material and keep working on new ideas, as we keep our eyes open for the next season ahead of us.

Chur my Mokos!

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