On 24.4. we had a gig at the HopHouse again. Always fun to play there and this time there was even more Hops in da House as we did something a bit different. First of all, we had a new bass player, Haffi (or Jakob, if you want to be official) joining us for the […]

At the last weekend of January we were part of Festival One, the second biggest Festival globally at this state of 2021! We really don’t know, how blessed we are to be performing at a Festival during a global pandemic. Music Box We kicked the weekend off with a set on Friday afternoon, before the […]

We hope everyone reading this, had a good start into 2021! Hear are some updates of Dec/Jan for you: What has happened? Taavi’s cast came off and his foot is healing good, but still quite swollen. We couldn’t really come together and practice in December. Well, we had one practice – with him still wearing […]

Out of the blue, we got a band invite to play at the Light Party in Palmerston North, just a few weeks prior to the event. Both of our bass players couldn’t make it, so we invited an old friend we played with two years ago: Eron! This guy learned 11 original songs from scratch […]

Here is finally our spring update Much has happened! Below are the last months in review Jordan’s set up There is a little guest room that Jordan and Eli use as a music room – as long as no guests are staying in it. Jordan has spent time, getting to know his vox and is […]

It is funny how things come together sometimes.. in the last years Jordan has been experimenting with different types of keys. Using his accordion, melodica and Glockenspiel on stage, it became less portable, when he discovered his love for funk music and organs. Buying and old $20 Organ of trade me, he experimented a lot […]

The 01.08 we had Retro Valley perform with us at the hop house Here are some impressions Retro Valley had people jumping and heating up the room, playing their alternative set. You can check them out here -> Retro Valley We brought all of our funky songs and loved people dancing and singing along Have a […]

Jordan and Eli used Lockdown to write a bunch of new songs. Now,  we are recording the songs and aiming to release them later this year. Everything is under progress, but we are excited for some sweet new tunes coming out soon!  

What a strange time! The Stage 4 Lockdown due to the virus has officially reached New Zealand. Today is Day 1. We were working on many gigs for April. The Bouquet of sounds at the Hop House with Lhasa. Two gigs at the little big markets at the Mount. A week of Kids Camp in […]

Our tour came to an end! We are happy for all the people working on this and making it happen. First of all, we drove to the Open Day at CYC to set up and play immediately under the blazing sun, here are some impressions: Jordan had some deep conversation with a family dad and […]