Our tour in Europe 2019 officially ended with last weekend’s gig’s! We look back very thankfully. Here are some highlights: Preparations Besides the cleaning and recovering, we set up our gear at our drummers parents place in Kausala. Their place turned into a temporary base, while we practiced our songs for the next gig. Besides […]

After midnight Monday morning – 4 days early – we arrived at the Alte Zieglei, the area where the Homeward Festival takes place since the last three years. A few volunteers and Sebastian, the main organiser, was welcoming us with some beer and we gathererd in the bus to share stories. The Bus And again […]

Our new home It is fascinating how quick a bus can turn into a home. We arrived in Poland, cleaned the several areas and made our beds, while Taavi was setting up the kitchen cooking area. It has served us already so well! There hasn’t been a day without people stopping by, having a coffee […]

Our last weeks were filled with writing songs, practicing, work and last preperations for the tour. Here are some highlights: Bandcamp Eli & Jordan’s song challenge is over! It has been a stretch to release a song each monday evening for 7 weeks! It has been inspiring, because it was fun to find different approaches, […]

We are going on tour very soon! Super stoked to take our music overseas Here are the infos:   Now the exciting thing is that you can actively support us!  Eli and Jordan started a song challenge, which means they produce and upload a song every Monday until the 1st of July when the tour starts.  […]

Times of grief Last week we received some shocking news. One of Jordan and Eli’s close friends here in NZ commited suicide after a long battle with physical pain and mental health. He was a unique friend, supporting our vision from day one, as we met. He was seriously considering about joining us for this […]

We are looking back on a crazy weekend. Festival One was happening from Friday to Monday, but we already arrived on Thursday to set up our tents, since our first performance was happening at 3pm on Friday and our second performance was happening on Sunday Afternoon Gigs We were very surprised about the overwhelmingly positive […]